[pulseaudio-discuss] System freeze

dirkydirk dirkydirk at gmx.net
Fri Nov 18 08:35:25 PST 2011


recently I have updated my debian sid box to the latest gnome 3, which
installed also PulseAudio. Pleasantly, sound worked out of the box, even
flash, and my sound card SB XFi-Extreme Audio is detected and used (had
to use onboard sound for Linux prior to that).

But alas, a big problem occurs: every time I play music via a gstreamer
app (rhythmbox) and play a flash in firefox, after a minute or so the
whole system freezes. I mean, the whole system: no mouse, no keyboard,
even ssh from a different computer does not work. And sound loops

Syslog does not seem to give useful hints. These messages occur, but not
at the time of the crash:
pulseaudio[18398]: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.
pulseaudio[18373]: [pulseaudio] module.c: Failed to open module
"module-x11-publish": file not found

pulseaudio[18373]: [alsa-sink] alsa-sink.c: ALSA woke us up to write new
data to the device, but there was actually nothing to write!
pulseaudio[18373]: [alsa-sink] alsa-sink.c: Most likely this is a bug in
the ALSA driver 'snd_hda_intel'. Please report this issue to the ALSA
pulseaudio[18373]: [alsa-sink] alsa-sink.c: We were woken up with
POLLOUT set -- however a subsequent snd_pcm_avail() returned 0 or
another value < min_avail.

I hope, you can help me here.
Kind regards,

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