[pulseaudio-discuss] Conception of PulseAudio in public through Debian

Roman Beslik rabeslik at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 05:35:25 PDT 2012


IMHO this is because PulseAudio is somewhat buggy to go into polished 
distributions. I hardly could use it on Arch Linux, and I am accustomed 
to general Arch Linux's instability. (Arch Linux is bleeding-edge by 
definition.) Distributions jumped to PulseAudio too soon. Also, the 
developers of PulseAudio could split the source code into stable and 
trunk branches.

On 14.04.12 22:03, Paul Menzel wrote:
> Although during the last years PulseAudio is doing its job pretty well,
> there are still quite some people out there thinking it is a mess. And
> indeed looking at the Debian bug tracking system [1] a lot of bugs are
> reported there. There are 145 reports [2] most of them concerning
> upstream things. Since for a long time, Debian did not package the
> latest PulseAudio version, I guess a lot of them are fixed already.
> Debian’s large user base experienced a lot of these problems and
> therefore disabled PulseAudio and have not tried newer versions.

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