[pulseaudio-discuss] Using mutiple bluetooth headsets at the same time

Jess Haas pa at jesshaas.com
Sat Jun 2 21:17:26 PDT 2012

I am wanting to stream to multiple bluetooth headsets at the same time
using the a2dp profile. One headset works great but I can't seem to get
a second one to work. It does not appear to be a purely pulseaudio
problem as I can't get it to work using just alsa either but I thought
someone here might be able to help. Any ideas?

Using mplayer and alsa as a test If I specify one headset it works fine
but when I then try to start something else playing on the other it
fails with:
[AO_ALSA] alsa-lib: audio/pcm_bluetooth.c:1614:(audioservice_expect)
BT_OPEN failed : Invalid argument(22)
[AO_ALSA] Unable to set hw-parameters: Invalid argument

Any ideas on where to start?


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