[pulseaudio-discuss] status report from Deng Zhengrong Jun 15th

rong deng dzrongg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 07:24:41 PDT 2012

Hi list,

This week, I've mainly done two things:

1. integrate the coverage test tool 'gcov' into our pulseaudio
compiling system and make it work. With my hack into Makefile and
configure.ac, if we use './configure --enable-gcov' and then make and
make install, the pulseaudio program would create additional coverage
data file to be processed further. I have an idea to visualize our
coverage metrics through these generated coverage data files. But
according to Arun's suggestion, it can be put into low priority.

2. write a first version of ring buffer log support. Now we have a per
thread log pool. So therefore different threads would not be blocked
for a long time. However, as in the current (first) implementation,
the log reading has to block other log writing. But remember, the log
reading doesn't happen much often, so I think we can bear with it.
Besides, in order to make it an advanced option to use, I've also
added another log target called "ring". The default log target is to
send the logs to stderr, but after we call "pacmd set-log-target ring"
we can make it log all the logs into the new ring buffer. and to read
the log, we can use "pactl log" to get the all the logs. Nice? :)

Oh, I've created a profile on github and the pulseaudio project page
is here: https://github.com/dzrongg/pulseaudio
Generally I create a new feature in each branch, so don't look into
master branch. :)

Nice weekend for all!

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