[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio with VT1708S soundcard - Splitting between output Archlinux

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 17:45:28 PDT 2012

> Dear all,

> I would like to be able to send the sound of a specific application to a
> specific output, IE a video from youtube to the headphone and a skype
> conversation to the speakers.

> I installed pavucontrol and paprefs but it seems pulseaudio doesn't
> recognise the different output, after searching the wiki a bit I suppose
> I need to follow the setup for the surround sound found there =>
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio/Examples#Surround_sound_systems

> But as I am far from being sure I am coming to ask for advice. I have
> copied and past the output of "pacmd list-sinks" to give all the
> necessary details (I hope)

> Should you require any further details please let me know,

> Many thanks for your assistance,


can you play different audio stream to analog and digital output of
snd-hda-intel  at the same time ?

It seem that multistreaming is not officially supported by pulseaudio.

However it is possible to add  the independent headphone (device 2) of
snd-hda-intel by loading module-alsa-sink device=0,2 tsched=1 AFTER
module-udev-detect in /etc/pulse/default.pa

"Independent HP" switch must turn on before pulseaudio is running,
otherwise PA 's default-sink and default-sink become auto-null when
device 2 cannot be opened by module-alsa-sink.

if your BIOS allow you to change the Front Audio Panel to AC97 instead
of HDA in order to disable the jack detection and alsa-driver 's
automute feature , also you may need to fix the paths to prevent
pulseaudio mute and set the volume of the speakers to minimum when the
headphone is plugged in.

Does anyone know how to modify the paths/port for the front panel
independent headphone so that it won't mute the rear panel audio jack
when headphone is plugged ?

Although pavucontrol can switch the audio stream to the sink#2 and
sink#2 can be selected sound setting,
still cannot use pulse plugin to select this special sink#2

pcm.pulse2 {
         type pulse
         device "2"

aplay -Dpulse2 test.wav
Playing WAVE 'test.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 44100 Hz, Stereo
ALSA lib pcm_pulse.c:750:(pulse_prepare) PulseAudio: Unable to create
stream: No such entity

aplay: set_params:1145: Unable to install hw params:

Sink #2
	Name: alsa_output.hw_0_2
	Description: Built-in Audio
	Driver: module-alsa-sink.c
	Sample Specification: s16le 2ch 44100Hz
	Channel Map: front-left,front-right
	Owner Module: 8
	Mute: no
	Volume: 0: 100% 1: 100%
	        0: 0.00 dB 1: 0.00 dB
	        balance 0.00
	Base Volume: 100%
	             0.00 dB
	Monitor Source: alsa_output.hw_0_2.monitor
	Latency: 0 usec, configured 0 usec
		alsa.resolution_bits = "16"
		device.api = "alsa"
		device.class = "sound"
		alsa.class = "generic"
		alsa.subclass = "generic-mix"
		alsa.name = "AD198x Headphone"
		alsa.id = "AD198x Headphone"
		alsa.subdevice = "0"
		alsa.subdevice_name = "subdevice #0"
		alsa.device = "2"
		alsa.card = "0"
		alsa.card_name = "HDA Intel"
		alsa.long_card_name = "HDA Intel at 0xff9f4000 irq 45"
		alsa.driver_name = "snd_hda_intel"
		device.bus_path = "pci-0000:00:1b.0"
		sysfs.path = "/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1b.0/sound/card1"
		device.bus = "pci"
		device.vendor.id = "8086"
		device.vendor.name = "Intel Corporation"
		device.product.name = "82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller"
		device.form_factor = "internal"
		device.string = "hw:0,2"
		device.buffering.buffer_size = "352800"
		device.buffering.fragment_size = "176400"
		device.access_mode = "mmap+timer"
		device.description = "Built-in Audio"
		device.icon_name = "audio-card-pci"

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