[pulseaudio-discuss] express my interests in applying GSoC 2012

rong deng dzrongg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 06:55:23 PDT 2012

Thanks all for replying and giving suggestions. I've sent two patches in
another thread, and I've already setup git send-email, cool! It's way easy
to send patches on command lines.

Personally, I'd like to use PRI-prefix, because it looks more standard. But
casting and stick it with %llx should be OK for all platforms.


在 2012年3月22日 下午8:08,John Haxby <jch at thehaxbys.co.uk>写道:

> On 22/03/12 08:58, Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
> > On Wed, 2012-03-21 at 16:21 +0100, David Henningsson wrote:
> >
> >> >
> >> > A quick grep through the code shows that this is how we've been doing
> it
> >> > up till now, so we should probably keep it that way for consistency.
> >> >
> >> > So, just for education, would you mind resending the patch with git
> >> > send-email, and using %llx ? Thanks!
> > At the risk of turning this into prolonged bikeshedding, IMO the PRI
> > constants would be the better solution (with a small margin). I have
> > myself used the casting solution in the past to get rid of compiler
> > warnings, but that has been because I didn't know about the PRI
> > constants.
> Just sticking my oar in here :)
> The PRI constants are the right way to do it.   You can get away with
> casts and %llx (or whatever) almost all the time.
> The trouble is the "almost all".   Sooner or later you're going to get
> something breaking either because %llx turns out to be wrong or because
> the cast turns out to be wrong and the compiler has explicitly been told
> not to notice.   Change it to PRI and let the compiler do its job; you
> won't regret it in the long run.
> jch
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