[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] alsa-mixer: Don't let "Mic Jack Mode" alone create a "Line In" path

David Henningsson david.henningsson at canonical.com
Tue Oct 16 02:49:26 PDT 2012

The IDT/Sigmatel codec driver often creates a "Mic Jack Mode" for
every mic jack, so it can change functionality between Mic and Line In.

However, as the "Mic Jack" is the standard naming, our current solution
does not make the Line In port unavailable when nothing is plugged in.

This patch makes the "Line In" port not to be created just because there
is a "Mic Jack Mode" that could be set to "Line". This makes the behaviour
consistent with e g "Dock Mic Jack Mode", "Front Mic Jack Mode" etc, where
we don't create a "Dock Line" or "Dock Mic" port either.

Signed-off-by: David Henningsson <david.henningsson at canonical.com>
 .../alsa/mixer/paths/analog-input-linein.conf      |    1 -
 1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)

Note: One can wonder why this feature is implemented for the IDT codec
only, as the same logic would apply to other codecs as well.
Maybe someone wanted IDT to be special. However; it is not - there is a normal
"mic" icon (not a mic/line icon) on these jacks.

The other option would be to create a special path for this use case, and possibly
also add "Dock Line" / "Front Line" / "Rear Line" paths for consistency.
I'm ususally hestitant to removing existing functionality that could be useful, 
but maybe this scenario adds more confusion than practical use? What do others think?

diff --git a/src/modules/alsa/mixer/paths/analog-input-linein.conf b/src/modules/alsa/mixer/paths/analog-input-linein.conf
index 6abafcb..3bcf436 100644
--- a/src/modules/alsa/mixer/paths/analog-input-linein.conf
+++ b/src/modules/alsa/mixer/paths/analog-input-linein.conf
@@ -123,5 +123,4 @@ enumeration = select
 [Option Mic Jack Mode:Line In]
 priority = 19
-required-any = any
 name = input-linein

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