[pulseaudio-discuss] Linking Channels Block Mono Microphone

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 17:02:10 PDT 2012

2012-10-22 下午3:38 於 "John Frankish" <j-frankish at slb.com> 寫道:
> > > On 10/22/2012 08:50 AM, John Frankish wrote:
> > > Using pulseaudio-2.1 with a dell latitude e6220 and the internal mono
> > >
> > > The pavucontrol "configuration" tab correctly shows the internal
microphone as mono.

why do you say the internal mic is mono ?

do you mean only left channel has signal or left and right channel out of
phase ?

if the default Amp-In  , the control should be a internal mic boost instead
of internal mic capture volume

the capture volume control is at node 0x17 which support R/L (swap of left
and right channel)

Default Amp-In caps: ofs=0x00, nsteps=0x03, stepsize=0x27, mute=0

Node 0x11 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0x400483: Stereo Amp-In
  Control: name="Internal Mic Capture Volume", index=0, device=0
    ControlAmp: chs=3, dir=In, idx=0, ofs=0
  Amp-In caps: N/A
  Amp-In vals:  [0x01 0x01]
  Pincap 0x00000024: IN Detect
  Pin Default 0xd5a30130: [Both] Mic at Int Top
    Conn = ATAPI, Color = Unknown
    DefAssociation = 0x3, Sequence = 0x0
    Misc = NO_PRESENCE
  Pin-ctls: 0x20: IN
  Unsolicited: tag=00, enabled=0
  Power: setting=D0, actual=D0

Node 0x17 [Audio Selector] wcaps 0x300d0d: Stereo Amp-Out R/L
  Control: name="Capture Volume", index=0, device=0
    ControlAmp: chs=3, dir=Out, idx=0, ofs=0
  Control: name="Capture Switch", index=0, device=0
    ControlAmp: chs=3, dir=Out, idx=0, ofs=0
  Amp-Out caps: ofs=0x10, nsteps=0x2e, stepsize=0x03, mute=1
  Amp-Out vals:  [0x11 0x11]
  Power: setting=D0, actual=D0
  Connection: 6
     0x1b 0x0a 0x0c 0x0f 0x11* 0x12

> > >
> > > The pavucontrol "input" tab incorrectly assumes the internal
microphone is
> > > stereo and any input is blocked until the "link channels" icon is
clicked in order to unlink the channels.
> > >
> > >  From google I can see that several people have seen the same
problem, but I don't see a solution/bug fix anywhere.
> > >
> > > Is there some way to add/edit/modify a configuration file to avoid
> > > to remember to unlink the microphone channels every time?
> >
> >
> Thanks for the reply, please see:
> http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=de69a107ac63f0a3629cd16fe9b89d23ccef5888
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