[pulseaudio-discuss] strange pulse / jack behaviour

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Wed Oct 31 05:26:58 PDT 2012

On Mon, 2012-10-29 at 20:59 +1100, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have any thoughts on why the following is happening?
> Using Debian wheezy on an intel board with built in HDA chipset. (Notebook
> sound card)
> I was unable to start jack. It seemed like the problem might have been
> because pulse was running so I killed pulse with "pulseaudio -k". That
> didn't help.

If you need to keep pulseaudio not running, put "autospawn = no" to
~/.pulse/client.conf. Then "pulseaudio -k" actually has the effect that
you expect it to have...

> I installed pulseaudio-module-jack and configured
> /etc/pulse/default.pa to include
> load-module module-jack-sink
> load-module module-jack-source

Could you undo all these modifications so that the problem can be
debugged on a "normal" system?

> restarted pulseaudio with pulseaudio -k ; pulseaudio and it attempted to
> start jack server but was not able to. At that point I was unable to get
> pulseaudio to start at all or jack so I decided to reboot in case it was a
> kernel oops.
> After rebooting pulseaudio still would not start. I tried a couple of
> options but in the end I had to run "pulseaudio --system -D" as superuser.
> After doing that jackd would run from qjackctl but there are not
> pulse-sink/source connections in jack probably because pulse is running as
> superuser but I'm not 100% on the exact reason for this behaviour. I can
> see that pulseaudio is running with "ps aux".

I'm pretty sure that the jack stuff won't work if you run pulseaudio in
the system mode.

It would be nice if we could start from a clean slate, and get the exact
error messages.


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