[pulseaudio-discuss] Intro and Idea on GSoC

PrasannaKumar Muralidharan prasannatsmkumar at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 11:51:59 PDT 2013


I would like to participate in GSoC and contribute to pulseaudio project. I
have written a short intro about me and the idea that I have.

About Me:
I am PrasannaKumar from India. I did my bachelors in Electronics and
Communication Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, working for
a semiconductor company as a software engineer. I am doing masters in
Applied Mathematics from IGNOU in part time. I would like to participate in
GSoC. I can spend around 20 hours per week.

Project Idea:
I would like to work on the "Resampling Improvements" idea listed in the
Ideas page.

To broaden the scope of that I have some ideas. I have listed them below
with some possible use case that I am aware of.
1. Changing sample rate dynamically based on the streams that is being
     Consider a scenario where the sound card supports sampling rates x, y,
z. Lets say AppA plays at rate x. Then AppB starts to play at rate y. AppA
closes. In this scenario switching the sound card to sampling rate y will
make sure we don't resample the stream from AppB which could save a lot of
power and cpu usage.

2. Changing resampling method dynamically.
     Ability to switch resampling method will help in reducing power
consumption when running in battery. e.g., Based on the power profile the
resampling method can be changed to consume less power with a compromise in
quality. Or when some other process requires more cpu pulseaudio can
squeeze out some cpu power for other applications. This is useful in case
of low end systems / embedded / mobile systems.

I am open for new ideas / improvements to the listed ideas if the above
mentioned ideas are not that useful / desired by the community. Please feel
free to let me know.
http://arunraghavan.net/2011/10/alternate-sample-rates/ says some sort of
dynamic sample rate switching is done, I am not aware of improvements that
were made to it now. So please let me know if the above ideas are already
implemented / existed.

1. Discussed about my eligibility in GSoC mailing list and they said that I
can apply for GSoC. So there is no problem about my eligibility.
2. I will be having semester exam in June 3rd week or 4th week. I will not
have any course work from July to September 1st or 2nd week. So basically I
am going to use that time for my GSoC work. Once my course work starts I
can do code-cleanup, bug fixes / documentation.
3. Sorry for a lengthy mail.
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