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It will great if some light is thrown on this.

Prasanna Kumar

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> Hi,
> I would like to participate in GSoC and contribute to pulseaudio project.
> I have written a short intro about me and the idea that I have.
> About Me:
> I am PrasannaKumar from India. I did my bachelors in Electronics and
> Communication Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, working for
> a semiconductor company as a software engineer. I am doing masters in
> Applied Mathematics from IGNOU in part time. I would like to participate in
> GSoC. I can spend around 20 hours per week.
> Project Idea:
> I would like to work on the "Resampling Improvements" idea listed in the
> Ideas page.
> To broaden the scope of that I have some ideas. I have listed them below
> with some possible use case that I am aware of.
> 1. Changing sample rate dynamically based on the streams that is being
> played.
>      Consider a scenario where the sound card supports sampling rates x,
> y, z. Lets say AppA plays at rate x. Then AppB starts to play at rate y.
> AppA closes. In this scenario switching the sound card to sampling rate y
> will make sure we don't resample the stream from AppB which could save a
> lot of power and cpu usage.
> 2. Changing resampling method dynamically.
>      Ability to switch resampling method will help in reducing power
> consumption when running in battery. e.g., Based on the power profile the
> resampling method can be changed to consume less power with a compromise in
> quality. Or when some other process requires more cpu pulseaudio can
> squeeze out some cpu power for other applications. This is useful in case
> of low end systems / embedded / mobile systems.
> I am open for new ideas / improvements to the listed ideas if the above
> mentioned ideas are not that useful / desired by the community. Please feel
> free to let me know.
> http://arunraghavan.net/2011/10/alternate-sample-rates/ says some sort of
> dynamic sample rate switching is done, I am not aware of improvements that
> were made to it now. So please let me know if the above ideas are already
> implemented / existed.
> Note:
> 1. Discussed about my eligibility in GSoC mailing list and they said that
> I can apply for GSoC. So there is no problem about my eligibility.
> 2. I will be having semester exam in June 3rd week or 4th week. I will not
> have any course work from July to September 1st or 2nd week. So basically I
> am going to use that time for my GSoC work. Once my course work starts I
> can do code-cleanup, bug fixes / documentation.
> 3. Sorry for a lengthy mail.
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