[pulseaudio-discuss] Resampling impreovements for GSOC'13

Peter Meerwald pmeerw at pmeerw.net
Mon Apr 22 01:19:51 PDT 2013


> 3. Pass the resampling test cases in new environment.
> I have found the test cases in the present code tree in
> /src/tests/resampler.c where all combinations of sampling rate and sampling
> format are tested. After refactoring the code, the old test cases should
> pass.

currently, the test is not self-checking, i.e. the results are not 
compared against known-good values

basically the test just checks if the codes crashes or not; and one could 
manually check the values -- there is room for improvement

> > 3. Changing the resampling algorithm dynamically based on the scenario.
>   Fixing the sampling rate, for different sources different resampling
> algorithms can be used based on either CPU performance/Quality or both.

for a stronger proposal I suggest to illustrate a convincing/meaningful 
scenario? what does PA_RESAMPLER_VARIABLE_RATE do? how are algorithms 
selected currently?

regards, p.


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