[pulseaudio-discuss] mixer support for remote pulseaudio server

Tom Jones tom at oxix.org
Thu Jan 17 17:39:13 PST 2013

I'm setting up some thin clients, and audio is part of the console.

By running pulseaudio on the thin client, and setting PULSE_SERVER
on the application server to point at the thin client, audio is
redirected nicely.  So far so good.  This is analogous to setting
DISPLAY with X for network transparent windowing.

However, when I run pavucontrol with its PULSE_SERVER set to the same,
I get the error:

    pa_content_get_card_info_list() failed: Not supported

The analogous situation with X would be that programs displaying
normal windows work fine, but programs like xwininfo or xlsclients
or xkill fail.  That would be unsatisfactory.

The thin client (pulseaudio server) is running Windows 7 with the
cendio.com binaries, and the application server (pulseaudio client)
is running Debian testing (wheezy, to be 7.0).

Is the limitation here to do with the protocol, or one or other of
the implementations I'm using, or something else?

  regards, Tom Jones.

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