[pulseaudio-discuss] Handling JACK driver switching

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 18:14:58 PST 2013

>> > Yes, sorry about that. One could also say that it is not PA's
>> > responsibility to map connections to JACK at all, and yet it does. It
>> > actually be cool if module-jackdbus-detect were fired again after loss
>> > the connections to JACK, in order to detect potential JACK backend
>> > and remap again, although I know it only works on a one-shot basis at
>> > present.
>> But pulseaudio isn't losing its connection to JACK, it is the ports is
>> it connected to that disappear and come back. pulseaudio should not try
>> to maintain knowledge of these connections as the user can change them
>> at will to all sorts of other apps. Keeping track of that is delving
>> into patchbay-territory.
> The purpose of module-jackdbus-autodetect is automated patching: We're
already into patchbay territory, so you're arguing after-the-fact here. In
actuality, one could say you're arguing against delving further, but this
seems pointless to me. module-jackdubs-autodetect appears to exist for the
puropose of desktop integration; if it is to detect ports and automatically
map connections at startup, why should it not also keep track?
> I'm not saying that the module is deficient because it doesn't track
changes, only that it'd be nice if it did, should David wish to work on it
further. Its certainly a corner-case, afterall. In my position, yes, the
problem is not PulseAudio at all: That JACK still, after all this time,
cannot handle suspend/resume is obviously not an issue for PA to solve.
Furthermore, I only use a stereo pair and the FFADO driver forces to
presentation of of every channel available in hardware, to which
module-jackdbus-autodetect then automagically maps. I'm still learning
here, but I've come to relaise that I really should be scripting the
patching entirely and not using module-jackdbus-autodetect!

For those sound cards which pulseaudio 2.0 or later version does not
support (e.g. ice1712, hdspm, FireWire ,...)

Can user specify an exclude list in udev-detect module instead of using
dbus ?

If is meaningless for pulseaudio to hold/reserve those unsupported sound
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