[pulseaudio-discuss] [BUG] Using bluez 5.5 & pulseaudio a bluetooth headset cannot be used as a recording device.

Alexander Winnig vernehmlassung at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 8 11:45:09 PDT 2013

So I managed to install pulseaudio 4.0 including sbc, speex, bluez and 
d-bus and I encounter the same problem. I installed D-feet to monitor 
dbus. This didn't really help move things forward as there's only listed 
what I already know from the python example. Play is not working here 
aswell as it's based on python again.

Geez, I've been trying to make this work for about 2 weeks or more. Just 
to speak into my headset's microphone and to record it with linux. It 
worked exactly zero times.

I ran out clocks, no solution in sight so far. Sigh.

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