[pulseaudio-discuss] Expand the simple API?

Thomas Martitz kugel at rockbox.org
Wed Mar 20 03:22:25 PDT 2013

Am 20.03.2013 10:06, schrieb David Henningsson:
> Sure. You said "pa_simple_read/write() is expected to be done from the
> main thread", but you meant more like "pa_simple_read/write() is
> expected to be done from any other thread than the callback context"?
> A pa_simple callback API, if implemented, I would envision would
> supply a data pointer and length, and ask for the callback function to
> either read that out (record) or fill it in (playback), and to do so
> without calling into the PulseAudio API at all.

(Resent, this time to the list. Man, I sometimes hate Thunderbird).

Or return a pointer (which is expected to point to a buffer of bytes 
length) in the playback case, to enable zero-copy?

Best regards

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