[pulseaudio-discuss] How can I forward X display but not pulseaudio?

Boyd Kelly bkelly at coastsystems.net
Fri Mar 22 15:07:27 PDT 2013


I would like to ssh into a box as a regular user, start pulseaudio, and
have my display forwarded back to the source, while playing audio at the
destination.   The only way I have been able to do this is by running
fluxbox at the destination.  I would rather just forward the application

This post has shed some light on this, and now I understand that there is
an X display that pulse audio 'likes' when I run fluxbox and connect with


The post suggests at the end:

If you want to access the local machine you can either disable X11
forwarding when SSHing (-x or -X or something... can't remember which),
or run:
 unset DISPLAY
before running your mplayer command.

However I don't want to disable X forwarding or unset DISPLAY.  I want to
forward the display back while playing audio at the remote destination.
 How can I achieve that?  Any suggestions much appreciated.

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