[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] Add a news file

Tanu Kaskinen tanu.kaskinen at linux.intel.com
Mon May 27 10:47:36 PDT 2013

On Mon, 2013-05-27 at 18:39 +0200, Peter Meerwald wrote:
> Hello,
> > +PulseAudio 4.0, not yet released:
> changes are with respect to 3.0?


> maybe the following is noteworthy

I did scan every patch. My criteria for inclusion were:

 * Is it an interface change (libpulse, module arguments, command line
arguments, configuration options)? If yes, it should be mentioned.

 * Does it enable new hardware?

 * Is it important for packagers? (The dependency changes qualify.)

 * Does it improve performance significantly?

 * Is it interesting in some other way to many people? (The brand new
shell completion qualifies.)

I didn't include bug fixes, except a couple that I am for some reason
personally very happy to have in the release. No clear criteria with

> Resampler:
> 3a3c4eb4622feb8115d1387f33a4bfa722e0061a Improve s16<->s32 conversion

Perhaps yes, doing only one format conversion instead of two is a good
improvement. I missed that point when I did my scanning. s32 is pretty
rare format, though.

> e66e8464183e9916b248a9dedd4d6dcf3e1a38fa Change/fix conversion to/from float32

This seemed like a minor improvement, and falls partially to the bug fix
category. If you disagree about this having only a minor impact, I'll
add this item.

> 930654a3af266ab112d1d1f6b1083197ee4bb373 Generate normalized rows in calc_map_table()

A bug fix. Perhaps generally interesting, though, so I might add this.

> 30ce3a14e5ae1cd316a18bec95b831c07ac57a1a Resample first followed by remapping if have more out channels than in channels

Yes, should be mentioned in the optimization section.

> 92bb9fb8b5aeebb87c4df7416e75db1782e2dd3a Switch to speex-float-1 by default

I thought about adding a "changed defaults" section, but the file seemed
to be pretty long already... I'm not really against adding this, though.
Another changed default is that the default default.pa loads
module-jackdbus-detect now with "channels=2" argument.

> D-Bus interface:
> ebfd656fc99748e8beabf21885129dfbbf19a030 dbus: Add signal org.PulseAudio.Core1.Card.NewProfile

The D-Bus interface is in a quite sad state: it seems to be permanently
experimental and it has started to bitrot. Therefore, I don't think
minor changes to it are very interesting, even if they are interface
changes (we give no stability guarantees for the D-Bus interface).

> Modules:
> tons of bluetooth things

Could be mentioned somewhere, yes.

> echo-cancel: support multi-channel EC implementation with asymmetric number of channels in record/playback/output stream specs

Yes, this should probably be mentioned. I don't remember how this
exactly works and what are the implications, so I need to think a bit
what to write.

> CLI:
> cfa79a84fcc0d7ace7f8602f62c658341a082106 Show card profile availability status

I don't think we have committed to any particular semantics for the card
profile availability. It's not part of the public API. For that reason I
don't want to advertise it much at this point.

> Logging:
> 0f44b1e820c1744bfb46d37e87b71d64109c4374 Log the reason for every suspend/resume.

Not newsworthy in my opinion.

> Documentation:
> 6f1c3df37b85b47cd1d2d3b046d79ad13d8e61ac man: Update log-target documentation.
> 596d9aa740a66e84366fc42b6fd7156cde280a68 pactl: Document @DEFAULT_SINK@, @DEFAULT_SOURCE@ and @DEFAULT_MONITOR@
> 8946117ebf49604ff10368b19bbc2ff5f4c4f089 document PULSE_SERVER, PULSE_COOKIE in pulseaudio.1

Bug fixes, not generally interesting.

> 5701e83191d77e6bca05f1a036bb6aaa21eb0792 Fix description how boolean values can be specified

This is strictly speaking an interface change, but in practice I believe
and hope that nobody is interested in this (otherwise we have broken
something for someone).

> OS support:
> 54c9fa97bd5bf1290648513f2938699e27707234 Solaris fixes 

Bug fixes.

> Translation:
> ed6f30c79aa52d2c4cc6fc48c92a56972677d34a Polish
> ff828a83c1b685fae14dc036081b7e3bf6904f0d Ukrainian

I don't have a strong opinion on these, recommendations about what to do
are welcome.


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