[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] Add a news file

Peter Meerwald pmeerw at pmeerw.net
Mon May 27 11:07:05 PDT 2013

Hello Tanu,

> I did scan every patch. My criteria for inclusion were:

good to have this as guidelines what should go into NEWS

I am not particularly keen on having any of those listed

> > e66e8464183e9916b248a9dedd4d6dcf3e1a38fa Change/fix conversion to/from float32
> This seemed like a minor improvement, and falls partially to the bug fix
> category. If you disagree about this having only a minor impact, I'll
> add this item.

it potentially changes the audio data going through PA; not that one 
should depend on a precise float32 value :)
might bite people doing automated testing

> > 930654a3af266ab112d1d1f6b1083197ee4bb373 Generate normalized rows in calc_map_table()
> A bug fix. Perhaps generally interesting, though, so I might add this.

it potentially changes the audio mixing; audio may sound differently

> > 92bb9fb8b5aeebb87c4df7416e75db1782e2dd3a Switch to speex-float-1 by default
> I thought about adding a "changed defaults" section, but the file seemed
> to be pretty long already... I'm not really against adding this, though.
> Another changed default is that the default default.pa loads
> module-jackdbus-detect now with "channels=2" argument.

speex-float-1 is quite noticeable on ARM

> > echo-cancel: support multi-channel EC implementation with asymmetric number of channels in record/playback/output stream specs
> Yes, this should probably be mentioned. I don't remember how this
> exactly works and what are the implications, so I need to think a bit
> what to write.

maybe nobody cares except me; the implication is that the EC module is now 
more flexible and supports e.g. a 4-channels microphone signal going into 
the echo canceller (say for noise reduction) yet output and playback 
(towards the application) are single channel; no EC implementation 
shipping with PA needs this for the moment



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