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Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 18:45:12 PST 2013


> >>>  * My desktop PC has a Gigabyte H87N-WIFI board that allows for
> >>> headphones to be plugged into the front panel. However, the Streacom
> FC8
> >>> Evo case does not have the headphone jack on the front panel at all, so
> >>> I have to plug them into the rear jack.
> >>
> >> This sounds like a completely different problem. I'm just guessing since
> >> you didn't provide any alsa-info or similar info, but if you want your
> >> rear jack to work as a headphone jack instead of a line-out jack, use
> >> hda-jack-retask to do this on ALSA level. Then PulseAudio would pick
> >> that up correctly. (Assuming you run a recent kernel and PA version.)
> >
> > Will try that when I get to that desktop.
> I have added an override that the "green line out, rear side" jack is
> Headphone and that the "green headphone, front side" is Not connected.
> Result: PulseAudio stil thinks that there is an Analog Output port
> (which works, just as before) and an unplugged Headphone port. I.e.
> the net result on port names seems to be "no effect".
> > Alsa-info output is available as
> > https://bugzilla.kernel.org/attachment.cgi?id=107242 . Note that
> > headphones produce sound by default when plugged into that rear green
> > jack.

can post the output of alsa-info.sh after jack retasking ?

as long as you still have black jack and orange jack , the "front line out
jack" control will still create at orange jack since the jack detection
kcontrol is ordered by the position in multi_out of the driver instead of

The point is when (e.g. blue jack) is retasked to support 7.1 ,

do the driver need to change the value of "Line jack" ( line in) to false ?
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