[pulseaudio-discuss] Bluetooth headset help needed

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Wed Dec 31 06:31:00 PST 2014

On 30.12.2014 13:43, Georg Chini wrote:
> On 27.12.2014 20:01, Georg Chini wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I bought a new headset (Plantronics Backbeat Pro) and cannot get it 
>> working
>> properly. Probably I am missing something stupid.
>> When I use the native headset backend, HSP/HFP is working fine but I get
>> "not connected" log messages when I try to switch to a2dp.
> The native backend works fine - both profiles connect now. I checked with
> hcidump, for HSP/HFP it looks like the headset tries to connect UUID 
> 0x111f
> (HFP_AG_UUID) first, does not succeed and then connects UUID 0x1112

Looking at the code I see that the native backend only registers 0x1112, so
everything is fine for the native backend.

>> With the ofono backend, a2dp works fine, but I get "not connected" log
>> messages for HSP/HFP.
> My controllers both do not show UUID 0x111f as a possible value, neither
> with the ofono nor with the native backend. With the native backend I see
> 0x1112 in the list. Any idea why 0x111f is not possible? Am I missing 
> some
> kernel configuration or something similar? Or is this a hardware issue?

OK, meanwhile I found out that I need a "real" modem in my system, my
mobiles are not sufficient. So I installed phonesim and started the modem
emulation, powered on the modem and set it online. After that I see 0x111f
(and 0x1103) in the list and my headset connects the HFP profile when
powered on.
But still, after connecting I am only able to use a2dp in pulseaudio, when
switching to HFP, pulse  complains that the profile is not connected.

Anything special I have to do in phonesim to make it work?


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