[pulseaudio-discuss] Networked pulseaudio problems

ad at pk.dy.fi ad at pk.dy.fi
Tue Feb 18 06:20:08 PST 2014

I've setup Pulseaudio so that I can direct the sound from my laptop to my 
media player (Raspberry PI), but there is a problem. For some reason the 
pulseaudio on PI starts to "cut" the sound every few minutes. By that I 
mean that the playback pauses for a short while several times and then 
continues. These "cuts" last a few seconds in total. I checked the 
CPU-usage of Pulseaudio on PI to see if that was the problem (PI is not 
terribly powerful), but Pulseaudio only seems to use around 20% CPU and 
there isn't much else happening on the PI, so that's not likely to be the 

I also tried changing pulseaudio resampling method to see if that would 
help. It does the same even with "trivial" resampler (though the overall 
sound quality drops significantly). It seems to be a problem with wlan, 
but how come 54 Mbps (802.11g) isn't enough for pulseaudio?! The pi is 
using a wired connection. 150 MBps 802.11n would seem to work, but to me 
that sounds like excess use of bandwidth.

Any idea how could I fix them? Is there a way to increase some buffer or 

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