[pulseaudio-discuss] Module rtp-send, rtp-recv

Laurențiu Nicola lnicola at dend.ro
Tue Jan 14 02:31:03 PST 2014


I, too, am using module-rtp-recv and I encountered some issues with it.
My wireless network has high jitter and this seems to break the rate
estimation algorithm in that module. Specifically, after a while the
audio gets choppy and if I remember correctly, only restarting
PulseAudio works. At other times, it completely stopped working, which
might be a different problem, possibly related to the RTP session

If you're not already doing it, I suggest you try over a wired network
and see if it helps.

Sorry if this is not useful.


On Tue, Jan 14, 2014, at 10:38 AM, Hugues Sert wrote:

Hello everybody

I would like to do a unicast conferencing solution between two PC of a
local network. For doing this I use the following documentation page :

For beginning I test a communication in only one way so
on PC 1 I use the following command :
$ pactl load-module module-rtp-recv
and on PC 2 I use the following command :
$ pactl load-module module-rtp-send

The communication work for about 10sec and then stop

Do you have an idea of why the communication stop

For information, one PC is on ubuntu 13.04 (so pulseaudio is 4.0)
64bits and the other is on ubuntu 12.04 (so pulseaudio 2.0) 32bits




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