[pulseaudio-discuss] Connecting two sound cards mic A to speaker B and mic B to speaker A

Craig Matsuura cmatsuura at vivint.com
Wed Jan 29 21:16:37 PST 2014

I apologize if this has been answered.

I've been digging around looking for a good way under Linux to connect up to sound cards that are ALSA devices.

Sound card A has a Mic and Speaker and Sound card B has a Mic and Speaker.

I want to connect Sound card A Mic to Sound card B Speaker and Sound card B Mic to Sound card A speaker.

A Mic --> B Speaker

A Speaker <-- B Mic

I assume I can do such configuration with PulseAudio, but I'm new to PulseAudio custom setups.

I have briefly played with the pactl program.  I would think this can all be accomplished with the pactl program and the proper commandline parameters.

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