[pulseaudio-discuss] best benchmark tool for pulseaudio ?

JoonCheol Park jooncheol at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 00:50:15 PDT 2014


I'd like to optimize pulseaudio settings on my system (arm based).
and I'm planning to try test with several change settings to find best
settings on my system.
To do this, I want to know what is the best way to measure the performance
of pulseaudio for each settings. Especially I'd like to check the cpu
consumption or latency.

I tried to googling for this and reviewed code briefly to find some unit
tests for performance checking..
* oprofile - looks profile each function in point of developer view
* top or ptop or perf top - difficult to check exact start/end time of pulse
* cpu-test.c - looks only for resmapling performance

I couldn't find proper ways yet. but I believe that there's some official
or usual tools which pulseaudio(or generic linux audio system) experts use
to do benchmark or optimize settings on specific system.
If anybody can recommend something good tools or documents for this
purpose, it would be really helpful for me.

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