[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 5.0

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Mon Mar 3 07:37:02 PST 2014

Hi all!

PulseAudio 5.0 is ready!

The release notes are here:

The tarball is here:

The tarball checksums look like this:
SHA1: e420931a0b9cf37331cd06e30ba415046317ab85
MD5: c43749838612f4860465e83ed62ca38e

And finally, the shortlog since v4.99.4 is this:

Arun Raghavan (1):
      Revert "protocol-native: Don't enumerate unlinked sinks and sources"

David Henningsson (2):
      sink-input/source-output: Fix LFE remixing suddenly enabled
      suspend-on-idle: Ensure we still time out if a stream remains corked

Koop Mast (2):
      sconv, svolume: Fix compilation on 32-bit FreeBSD
      Make tests compile on FreeBSD

Peter Meerwald (2):
      modules: Fix uninitialized variable in rtp-send
      doc: Assorted spelling and grammar fixes for doxygen output

Tanu Kaskinen (4):
      rtp-send: Use _cb suffix with callbacks
      rtp-send: Add "inhibit_auto_suspend" module argument
      Update NEWS
      suspend-on-idle: Fix monitor source handling

I hope you enjoy the release!


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