[pulseaudio-discuss] Who uses a bluetooth headphone/headset with PA?

Malte Gell malte.gell at gmx.de
Tue Mar 4 04:11:08 PST 2014

Am 03.03.2014 23:23, schrieb Iskren Hadzhinedev:
> Hi there.
> I’m using a Marmitek BoomBoom 540
> Kernel 3.10.17
> Bluez 4.99
> Alsa-lib 1.0.27
> Alsa-plugins 1.0.27
> PulseAudio 4.0

Thanks for sharing your setup. I want to compare it with my setup and
decide if I update some components of my audio setup.

I use currently

kernel 3.13
Bluez 5.8
Alsa 1.0.27
PA 4.0.git.270.g9490a

and a Jabra Halo bluetooth headphone/headset with mic.

I do not know, what kind of PA 4.0 git version I have on my system, but
it seems my Bluez and kernel version is more current than yours.

I also use a notebook, with a USB bluetooth dongle with a Broadcom Corp.
BCM20702A0 chip.

I will now check what updates may be available for openSUSE 13.1 and if
situation improves.


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