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Thanks for the quick reply.  I believe Ming comes with pulseaudio by default.  What I meant by pulseaudio-raop was I added that through the software manager application.

So from your reply, is there a way to add this raop2 module, or does it require removing what I have and starting over. 

As you can tell, I am a noobie to linux.  Can you point me to more detailed instructions.  Or am I better off waiting for the additional fixes that may be coming.

Again thanks for the help

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11.04.2015 08:21, alexcarson120 wrote:
> I am running Linux Mint 17 and am trying to stream music to my airport
> express through Clememtine music player.  I have installed paprefs and
> pulseaudio-raop and have not yet been able to make it work.  The
> computer is able to see the airport express but once selected, no sound
> is getting through the airport express to my stereo receiver input.  The
> song does not not seem to be playing, the time counter does not
> increment or does so erratically.
> Most of the posts I have found are several years old, but was hoping
> someone may have found a solution.

I don't know what you mean by "pulseaudio-raop".

Please try this version of PulseAudio, which has RAOP2 support, which is 
needed by modern RAOP devices:


It is not merged yet because valgrind has found some uninitialized 
memory references, and we are waiting for them to be fixed.

Alexander E. Patrakov
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