[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] Add a .travis.yml for Travis CI

Arun Raghavan arun at accosted.net
Mon Apr 20 00:34:09 PDT 2015

On 20 April 2015 at 07:12, Mihai Moldovan <ionic at ionic.de> wrote:
> On 20.04.2015 03:26 AM, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>> Travis by default only sends mails on broken builds, and the first
>> successful built after a broken one.
> I have only experience with Jenkins, and concerning this feature, both
> system sound about equal. With Jenkins, it's one mail per build job type
> and that can get quite nasty if having multiple build jobs for multiple
> distros for multiple architectures.
>> Moreover, travis does not try
>> every commit, but only push commits. So volume should not be an issue.
>> Is there any reason you think this would be a bad idea?
> I think it's an issue exactly because of the (potential) volume, the
> message sizes (if [truncated] build logs are attached) and the general
> lack of being useful for users/discussions.
> The -commits mailing list sounds like a more appropriate place for this
> sort of auto-generated information.
> Despite for developers working on PA directly, those messages will
> mostly be needless spam.

Summarising conversation on IRC:

* I think it'd be low-traffic enough to not matter -- I'm fine with
sending the mails to the -discuss or -commits list

* David prefers not using the -discuss list for automated mails, and
suggested either a -travis list, or reusing -commits

* I'm not too keen to have another list, so I prefer -commits in this case

-- Arun

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