[pulseaudio-discuss] Problem with software player squeezelite

Antonio Pessoa a.pessoa at free.fr
Fri Aug 7 15:29:45 PDT 2015

I'm using a software player name squeezelite that works whith the
logitech media server.
I never had problems with it since a few months when it stopped working.
To reproduce this, I only launch my player and go to the media server to
play one music.
There is no sound, only some little scratches.
When I open pavu, the volume controls are flashing and can't be modified.
I'm using mageia 5, kernel version is

This happens almost always (but not always) when I use a wireless sound
transmitter, pluged on usb (audioengine w1), but most often also when I
plug my amplified phones directly on the PC.
I have no problem with other players : vlc, clementine, etc, work normally.
I submitted the problem to the logitech forum but I hadn't any answer.

I couldn't set pulseaudio to not auto respawn himself, so I killed it
with and restarted with :
$ pulseaudio -k;pulseaudio -vvvvv

Here is attached part of the log I get. I removed the lines "probe element" in the beginning, because the file was toot big.
After these lines, it's always repeating the same lines.

Thanks for your help.


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