[pulseaudio-discuss] bluetooth headset audio not supported by ofono

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Mon Feb 2 07:49:56 PST 2015


as you can see from the mail thread below, bluetooth headset audio is 
not supported
by ofono. I think the release notes for 6.0 should be revised to account 
for that.
Is there a way to combine the native and ofono backend so that both HFP 
are supported at the same time?


On 02.02.2015 16:19, Denis Kenzior wrote:
> Hi Georg,
> On 02/02/2015 07:34 AM, Georg Chini wrote:
>> Hello,
>> can someone help me with the problem below? Is ofono supposed
>> to expose an audio card when a headset is connected? If so, could
>> you explain how this happens?
>> On 02.02.2015 12:51, Tanu Kaskinen wrote
>>> On Sun, 2015-02-01 at 16:26 +0100, Georg Chini wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I am still fighting to get my bluetooth headset working properly
>>>> with the ofono backend. I cannot get HFP to work with pulse.
>>>> When I run ofonod and phonesim and switch on my headset
>>>> it seems to connect fine. A card turns up in pulseaudio but the
> What exactly are you trying to do? Phonesim can only simulate modem 
> signaling.  It will _not_ generate audio.  I should also point out 
> that oFono does not support audio for HFP AG role with BlueZ 5.
> Only HFP Handsfree role with BlueZ5/PulseAudio is supported.
>>>> HFP profile is not available there. Trying to switch to the profile
>>>> leads to "not connected" messages in the log.
>>>> In phonesim I can simulate a call. If I do so, I get a ring in the
>>>> headset and can pick up the call. I am not sure if there is any
>>>> audio, I hear silence. If I am playing back with the a2dp_sink
>>>> profile at the same time, the a2dp audio is muted (but continues
>>>> playing).
>>>> Looking at the code I wonder if the HFP profile of a headset can
>>>> ever get available. The ofono backend listens for "CardAdded" or
>>>> "CardRemoved" DBUS-messages, but it seems that the "CardAdded"
>>>> signal is never emitted by ofono when a headset connects.
>>>> There is only a call to the associated function when a phone
>>>> connects and nowhere else in the code.
> Yes, as I said previously, what you're trying to do is not supported.
> Regards,
> -Denis

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