[pulseaudio-discuss] bluetooth headset audio not supported by ofono

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Tue Feb 3 06:26:27 PST 2015

On 03.02.2015 15:04, Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
> On Mon, 2015-02-02 at 16:49 +0100, Georg Chini wrote:
>> Hello,
>> as you can see from the mail thread below, bluetooth headset audio is
>> not supported by ofono.
> Well, that explains a lot :) You mentioned the --noplugin=hfp_ag_bluez5
> option for ofonod... it's unclear to me what that plugin does. Does it
> implement the AG role or the HF role? If it implements the AG role (as
> one might guess from the name), is that module some kind of unfinished
> and non-working code, considering that Denis says that the AG role is
> not supported (and if so, why is it enabled by default)? If
> hfp_ag_bluez5 implements the HF role, then why is
> --noplugin=hfp_ag_bluez5 relevant at all when using a headset?
Ofono seems to implement the RFCOMM part of the AG role but
not audio. Denis, please correct me if I'm wrong. The HF role is
implemented by hfp_hf_bluez5, so HF is not touched by disabling
the AG role in ofono.
>> I think the release notes for 6.0 should be revised to account for
>> that.
> Indeed. Before I update the notes, though, I want to get a decision on
> whether we will release with your patch to use both backends
> side-by-side (probably implies another rc before final release), or will
> we postpone that to the next release. Either is fine by me, but I'd vote
> for releasing with your patch.

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