[pulseaudio-discuss] Stream corruption using simple API after network lag

Eric Thornton gonesurfingnc at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 20:32:36 PST 2015

Thanks for your reply... thought I was having email trouble.
Here's what I've done to narrow it down to pulseaudio: 
-Using arecord, record a 96khz wav file of IQ audio several minutes long on the remote system.-Create two null sinks, both 96khz sample rate on the remote system.-Using paplay, I play back the recorded stream (which I've verified to be error free) to one null sink and connect the SDR application to null.monitor over wifi.-Connect the SDR application playback stream to the other null sink (to simulate the same network load)-Walk out to my garage for poor wifi signal while running the SDR application... after a few seconds of stuttering I get nothing but full volume white noise.
Unsure of what other tests to run at this point.
Eric Thornton


     On Tuesday, January 13, 2015 11:54 AM, Peter Meerwald <pmeerw at pmeerw.net> wrote:

> Resending. 

your message has been received, it's on the list, see 

if the issue is not the underlying sound hardware, then probably it can be 
reproduced with a file source and hence much easier tested/debugged?



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