[pulseaudio-discuss] PCM Capture Source of usb audio not supported by pulseaudio

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 19:57:10 PDT 2015

>> Do you mean mic capture volume always reset to maximum by driver or
pulseaudio ?
> No
>> pactl list sources
> http://pastebin.com/Dd0XLamN

Seem usb audio is not your default source

Refer to pact list sources in


                analog-input-mic: Мікрофон (priority: 8700)
                analog-input-linein: Лінійний вхід (priority: 8100)
        Активний порт: analog-input-linein

The active port is linein , pulseaudio does not use the source in alsa  pcm
capture source control as active ports when there are no jack detection


;  We explicitly don't want to wrap the following sources:
;       CD
;       Synth/MIDI
;       Phone
;       Mix
;       Digital/SPDIF
;       Master
;       PC Speaker


To achieve the above logic, it does not use snd_mixer_selem_get_enum_item()
in alsa-mixer.c to get the current selected enumerated item for the given
mixer simple element to set the active port

linein is the default port when there are no jack detection kctl in current
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