[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio bluetooth sink problems

backup luis backupluis at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 07:03:10 UTC 2016

After days compiling and trying different configurations and versions with the bluez stack,
I got pulseaudio running in a tiny router with OpenWrt, but not very well, the sound
get some distortion, stops, echo, delay, chop and so on...

Anyway, I know that is a very limited hardware for my needs, but I need to resolve one specific
problem because if I can resolve it I will buy a better hardware for my project.

When I play a song from the cell phone, if the sound level of the song is low, what I hear is almost
perfect, but if the sound level rise, by the song itself or if I rise the volume in the cell phone
the sound get very distorted, I check sink and output volumes in the pulseaudio, testing from 1% to 100%
and nothing changes, only the level of the audio card output, but the distortion persist. Testing the same
sound/songs in mp3 and wav formats.
And when I try to play with an old Nokia phone, I only ear noise, like white noise regardless of the volume, this
noise is constant, not like a distorted sound.

Pulseaudio: 6.00, 6.22.9 and 8.99.2 compiled for dbus
Bluez: 5.30
Cell Phone: Android
Old Cell Phone: Nokia

paplay with some wav files sounds good.
the sound board and the router is running well with another programs like madplay, alsamixer, mpd.

Some tip is really apreciated.


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