[pulseaudio-discuss] pa_context_set_source_volume_by_index() failed

pfl pfl at messofts.be
Mon Oct 31 19:35:18 UTC 2016

ok thanks for the tip ;-)

Le 31/10/2016 à 19:19, Sean Greenslade a écrit :
> On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 06:25:52PM +0100, pfl wrote:
>> I dont know about this
>> my problem is that raspbery pi has gpio header and the program needs to be
>> ran as root to use these gpio
>> but if pulseaudio is not made nor supported to be run as root, then maybe I
>> should use something else (alsa?)
>> the only thing I need is my app to set the mic input and speaker output
>> volumes
>> nothing else, this all really starts to get complicated just to set the
>> input/output of the system
> If all you have is a single application using the sound hardware, yes,
> straight ALSA is probably the way to go.
> Also, you probably don't need to run as root to interface with GPIO
> pins. If you are using the /sys interface, you can chown / chgrp the
> desired pins to a non-privileged user / group.
> --Sean
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