[pulseaudio-discuss] Sounds connected/related with monitors

Sławomir Lach slawek at lach.art.pl
Sat Dec 2 10:17:53 UTC 2017

The idea assemblies two goals:
a) Create list of output priorities, for example HDMI output, speakers output. Position of 
items is important, because items later on list are less important
b) Allow to tun on option - delegate sounds onto graphical outputs, where window of 
application are living

How it would works? Sound output of application/window will be selected basic on screen 
a window is displayed. For example application is playing song A, but each window of 
application are on TV screen, so sound of application are redirected to HDMI port. Later I 
move one window to laptop screen, so application sound is played on both TV and Laptop 
speakers (or if it's possible: sounds of window on TV screen are playing on TV and sounds 
of window on laptop screen are playing in speakers).

Another idea is to solve problem with window displayed on both TV and laptop screen. In 
cases such like this, priority list will take a role.

For multiuser usage and singleuser better usage. Imagine I would like to watch video. I 
simply move video window onto TV screen and don't have to switch sound output. 
Another case is when someone would like to watch movie and I would like to use the same 
session and listen music - no problem! I only have to move video window onto TV screen 

I'm Lach Sławomir with (only)  IT bachelor degree.


Best regards,
Lach Sławomir.
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