[pulseaudio-discuss] User-hostile obfuscation in PulseAudio Volume Control is a real pain.

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Sat Jul 22 09:59:41 UTC 2017

On 22.07.2017 11:37, Erik Christiansen wrote:
> Hi,
> Debian 9.0.0 comes with pulseaudio 10.0, so it's not likely that fixes
> for the problem are in the wild yet, I figure.
> Even when a Debian 9.0.0 box is connected to a HDMI monitor, PulseAudio
> Volume Control displays only 3 of its 5 tabs, supressing the vital
> Configuration tab, needed for switching audio output to HDMI. Depriving
> the user of knowledge of the availability of the Configuration tab, by
> burying it under two levels of blind hammering on a tiny inscrutable
> icon in the corner is a monstrous disservice to the user, and a rather
> weird design decision. Much space is wasted in the width of the 3
> displayed tabs, and on many a screen there is at least half a yard of
> screen width spare for the other 2 tabs.
> discuss

Hi Erik,

I don't really understand. Are you talking about pavucontrol when
you are saying "PulseAudio Volume Control"?
As far as I know, pavucontol always displays 5 tabs, the configuration
is one of them and there is no option to suppress any of the tabs.

If this is different in your distribution or you are not talking about
pavucontrol, the pulseaudio mailing list is the wrong place to complain.
You have to go back to the maintainers of your distribution. (Although
I am running Debian unstable and pavucontrol there displays all 5 tabs,
so I understand your complain even less.)


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