[pulseaudio-discuss] module-pipe-sink with existing fifo

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Sat Dec 8 11:07:18 UTC 2018

On 08.12.2018 10:41, Malte Deiseroth wrote:
> Hey,
> would it be possible to have an option for 'module-pipe-sink', where it
> uses an existing 'fifo' and doesn't create one itself?
> Thinking about it, one wouldn't even need an option. It could just
> check if the 'fifo' already exists, and if so use it, or is there a
> good reason why the fifo must always be created by the 'module-pipe-
> sink' itself.
> Reason:
> I try to improve a docker based audiostation
> https://github.com/deisi/docker_compose-audiostation
> using snapcast and mopidy for multiroom audio.
> However, to make it work together with pulseaudio in all regards, I
> need it to create the fifo via pulseaudio. The problem is, that there
> are cases where pulseaudio is not available. This would lead to some
> kind of split situation, with pulseaudio vs without pulseaudio.
> Further setup is more complecated, because I either have to tell the
> user, how to properly configure pulseaudio, or I would need to add
> another container running pulseaudio exclusively for the purpose of
> linking via tcp with (local) pulseaudio. Shurely possible but for
> simplicity I would prefere the inital way.
> Cheers Malte
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Which version of PA are you using? This is already implemented in
the latest stable version (12.2).

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