[pulseaudio-discuss] module-pipe-sink with existing fifo

Malte Deiseroth msdeiseroth at gmx.net
Sat Dec 8 09:41:38 UTC 2018


would it be possible to have an option for 'module-pipe-sink', where it
uses an existing 'fifo' and doesn't create one itself?
Thinking about it, one wouldn't even need an option. It could just
check if the 'fifo' already exists, and if so use it, or is there a
good reason why the fifo must always be created by the 'module-pipe-
sink' itself.

I try to improve a docker based audiostation 
using snapcast and mopidy for multiroom audio. 
However, to make it work together with pulseaudio in all regards, I 
need it to create the fifo via pulseaudio. The problem is, that there
are cases where pulseaudio is not available. This would lead to some
kind of split situation, with pulseaudio vs without pulseaudio.

Further setup is more complecated, because I either have to tell the
user, how to properly configure pulseaudio, or I would need to add
another container running pulseaudio exclusively for the purpose of
linking via tcp with (local) pulseaudio. Shurely possible but for
simplicity I would prefere the inital way.

Cheers Malte

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