[pulseaudio-discuss] impossible configuration

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Thu Mar 22 06:59:51 UTC 2018

On Wed, 2018-03-21 at 19:15 +0100, Fran├žois Patte wrote:
> Bonjour,
> I try to permanently configure the sound on my computer but it always
> fails.
> By default, when I log-in the config is set to iec958-stereo-output
> which does not work and I have to manually change to
> output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo

That shouldn't be needed. In your case the reason why the iec958 output
gets selected is that all other outputs appear to be unavailable.
PulseAudio detects headphone and lineout outputs, but according to the
kernel neither is plugged in. What is actually plugged in?

> I firstly list my cards using pacmd list-cards: (I quote only the card I
> want to configure)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------->


> <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The profile I am interested in is: output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo
> So I type:
> pacmd set-card-profile 1 output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo
> And I get what I want, sound is working.
> Then I put this command in my ~/.confg/pulse/default.pa:
> echo 'set-card-profile 2 output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo' >
> .config/pulse/default.pa

A few notes about this command:

You used card index 2, even though with pacmd you used card index 1.

It would be better to use the card name rather than the index, because
the card doesn't necessarily always have the same index. The indexes
are assigned in the order that the cards are detected. With internal
sound cards the index will likely be always the same, but still, it's
better to use the card name in configuration files.

If ~/.config/pulse/default.pa exists, then /etc/pulse/default.pa won't
be used. Your echo command puts only the set-card-profile command to
the file and removes everything else, which means that the set-card-
profile command becomes the entirety of the startup script. No modules
are loaded, and therefore no cards will be detected either. You should
put this in the file:

    .include /etc/pulse/default.pa
    set-card-profile alsa_card.pci-0000_00_1b.0 output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo

That way the configuration in /etc/pulse/default.pa will be read before
changing the card profile.



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