[pulseaudio-discuss] Routing sink to source

Daniel windseeker at gmx.de
Fri Nov 9 05:29:47 UTC 2018

Hi Zoltán,

Since years now I successfully use the way you mentioned in "P.S.". I play
to a null sink and record from its monitor.

I'm not sure why app02 should not be able to connect to this monitor. If
app02 is recording from PA in general, independent of "from where", then it
should show in pavucontrol in the "recording" tab. There you can set it's
input source to the null sink monitor where app01 plays to.


Am Do., 8. Nov. 2018, 19:50 hat Zoltán Szabó <zoell at zoell.us> geschrieben:

> Hi,
> I would like to connect my app01's audio output to my app02's microphone.
> Here is what I have tried so far:
> I create a file pipe sink for my app01:
> load-module module-pipe-sink sink_name=pa_speaker_app01
> file=/home/pulseaudio/pa_speaker_app01 format=ulaw rate=8000 channels=1
> I create a file pipe sink for my app02:
> load-module module-pipe-sink sink_name=pa_speaker_app02
> file=/home/pulseaudio/pa_speaker_app02 format=ulaw rate=8000 channels=1
> This way both of my apps have an available output device.
> I create a virtual source as a mic for my other app01 and 02:
> load-module module-virtual-source source_name=pa_virtual_source_app01
> uplink_sink=pa_speaker_app02
> load-module module-virtual-source source_name=pa_virtual_source_app02
> uplink_sink=pa_speaker_app01
> This way anything played on pa_speaker_app02 should be routed to the
> app01's microphone pa_virtual_source_app01, right? Also should be true for
> app01 to app02.
> So I start my app01 and 2:
> PULSE_SOURCE=pa_virtual_source_app01 PULSE_SINK=pa_speaker_app01
> ./startapp01
> PULSE_SOURCE=pa_virtual_source_app02 PULSE_SINK=pa_speaker_app02
> ./startapp01
> But this is not working at all. Is this not the right approach? I can see
> in the PA logs that the apps are connected successfully to PA.
> PS: I also tried to crate a null sink, but app01 (it is actually chrome)
> is not able to open the null sink's monitor as a mic.
> Thanks
> zoell
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