[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio and NoMachine: microphone not working

Shankar Ramamoorthy sramamoorthy at guidewire.com
Tue Sep 11 09:02:53 UTC 2018

I'm remoted into a Linux VM via NoMachine. NoMachine presents the client 
machine's microphone as a pulseaudio source. I can run Audacity on the 
VM and record sound captured via the client's microphone. However, other 
applications like Firefox, Chrome, Slack, WebEx, etc. don't seem to see 
the NoMachine microphone pulseaudio source. Making the NoMachine source 
be the default source does not fix it. test.webrtc.org says "[FAILED] 
Failed to get access to local media due to error: NotFoundError".

NoMachine also presents the client's speakers as a pulseaudio sink. I 
can play a sound on the VM and it plays via the client's speakers 
without a problem.

The VM also has a (virtual) sound card. Applications appear to want to 
connect to and use the microphone source of the sound card, instead of 
the NoMachine microphone source. Is there a way to "merge" the NoMachine 
source into the sound card's microphone source?
With the sound card's mic source as the default, test.webrtc.org sees it 
but complains that there is nothing on the channel and suggests that 
perhaps its muted.

Any suggestions?

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