[pulseaudio-discuss] Default sink and PULSE_SINK

Михаил Новоселов mikhailnov at dumalogiya.ru
Mon Sep 10 16:47:15 UTC 2018


Here is a question from the developer of Chromium browser, which was 
asked by him after I filed a bug for regression in Chromium 69: 

As nobody answered on GitLab, I am quoting it here. The original author 
is CCed. Thanks in advance for answering.


https://crbug.com/880180 was recently filed because a recent change in 
Chromium made it ignore the PULSE_SINK variable when choosing the 
default output device.
After the change, Chromium uses as default the sink obtained by calling 
which returns a
pa_server_info struct 
containing a default_sink_name field (among others).
After this change, things work exactly as described in 
which does not mention $PULSE_SINK.
However, this appears to be in conflict with what is stated 
where it says that $PULSE_SINK is the default sink.
Prior to the change in Chromium, the default device was specified using 
either the empty string or the "default" string, and the sink in 
$PULSE_SINK was used if specified. This prompted a user to file 
https://crbug.com/880180, since it broke their use case.
I would like to know if this is a bug or if there is a way to get the 
default device using PulseAudio APIs such that the PULSE_SINK variable 
is taken into account.

С уважением,
Михаил Новоселов | mikhailnov at dumalogiya.ru | https://nixtux.ru

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