[pulseaudio-discuss] Re. pulseaudio and NoMachine: microphone not working

Shankar Ramamoorthy sramamoorthy at guidewire.com
Mon Sep 17 13:13:53 UTC 2018

I found a solution of sorts. So in case someone else has the same issue ...

I remapped the NoMachine microphone source to a new source - without changing any parameters. I also had to disable the suspend-on-idle module because otherwise the newly created remapped source would sometimes get suspended and I found no way to un-suspend it. Magic incantations:
pacmd unload-nodule module-suspend-on-idle
pacmd remap-source master=nx_voice_out.monitor source_name=Microphone
I don't really understand why this works. The remapped source is just a renaming, since I didn't change any parameters of the master.
I'd like a way to un-suspend a source after it has been suspended because of idle - pacmd suspend-source false - doesn't do it.
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