[pulseaudio-discuss] Ask for help about pulseaudio bluez-device module

陈阳 chen.yang at linecorp.com
Wed Sep 19 06:47:51 UTC 2018

Hi pulseaudio community,
    I am a developer who want to use your module-bluez-device to transport my android devices' audio data to linux server.And i already did it, i could use webrtc native lib to capture the a2dp_source's audio data.
    But what confuse me is that if my android device in mute the a2dp_source will disappear, when i play a music in my android device again, a new a2dp_source show up.This led to webrtc's AudioDeviceModule switch to a new audio device.
    What could i do if i want to keep a2dp_source alive even there is no audio data transporting by bluetooth?
    I checked pulseaudio's log and find that after bluetooth transport state playing-> idle, your module-bluez5-device will shutdown related threads and free source.And i checked code of module-bluez5-device.c, if transport's state is PA_BLUETOOTH_TRANSPORT_STATE_IDLE, it will set pa_card_profile_available to be PA_AVAILABLE_UNKNOWN.   I am not sure what will happen if i set pa_card_profile_available to be PA_AVAILABLE_YES when pa transport state is PA_BLUETOOTH_TRANSPORT_STATE_IDLE.
Will it led to any issue?Or maybe it could keep a2dp_source keep alive? Could you please give me some help?I will be vary thankful. By the way, i submitted a stack overflow question at here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52384880/pulseaudio-a2dp-source-disappears-after-bluetooth-device-audio-stopped
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