[pulseaudio-discuss] avoid-resampling -> avoid-processing

Sangchul Lee sangchul1011 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 11:03:47 UTC 2018

> I'm thinking that we should change the avoid resampling flag on sinks to instead be avoid processing -- the idea being that we try not just to reconfigure to a given sample rate, but for the entire sample spec (and eventually channel map as well, once the reconfiguration patches are updated to address Tanu's comments).
> The rationale is that I'd like to avoid having one more aspect of configuration, and the use-case to avoid resampling almost certainly applies to at least bit depth (16 <-> 24, usually) at least, and at that point, why not everything.
> We could provide more fine-grained control (avoid-resampling/-remapping/-conversion/-channel-mix), but I don't see the benefit of this, so I figure a more overarching option is more likely to be useful.

I agree with that. Although the pending patches(sorry to tanu, I'll
update soon that with applying your last comments :)) address
bit-depth within enabling 'avoid-resampling' option, I also think
changing the name to any other one is better than now.
(avoid-processing, avoid-resampler, or another one).


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