[pulseaudio-discuss] memfd errors spam in systemd log

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 09:10:15 UTC 2018


I ran into an issue after I started using PulseEffects, where all my 
systemd logs from the past weeks disappeared and only the last couple of 
days are kept now. The issue is that the logs grew extremely large, due 
to this error being spammed into the log:

[pulseaudio] pstream.c: Cannot send block reference with non-registered 
memfd ID = 1995925289
[pulseaudio] pstream.c: Fallig back to copying full block data over socket
<repeated many times>
[pulseaudio] ratelimit.c: 831 events suppressed

The logs are actually completely filled up with just that. If I quit 
PulseEffects, it doesn't happen anymore.

Does someone know what could cause this?

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