[pulseaudio-discuss] avoid-resampling -> avoid-processing

Sangchul Lee sangchul1011 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 11:45:31 UTC 2018

> >
> > We could provide more fine-grained control (avoid-resampling/-
> > remapping/-conversion/-channel-mix), but I don't see the benefit of
> > this, so I figure a more overarching option is more likely to be
> > useful.
> >
> > Would be nice to hear people's thoughts on this.
> Having an "avoid-processing" option is a good idea. I'm not sure what
> your proposal is for the old "avoid-resampling" option in daemon.conf.
> I'd like to keep that separate, so that it only affects sample rate
> conversion.

I understood the backward compatibility you said. Do I need to modify
the patch expanding bit-depth("Consider sample format for
avoid-resampling/passthrough") with the new 'avoid-processing' option?
(I might upload a patch to the gitlab next time.)


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