[pulseaudio-discuss] Fallback hard enabled in pulseaudio mixer

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Fri Feb 8 06:54:04 UTC 2019

On 08.02.19 01:07, liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com wrote:
> Further to my previous mail about trouble with Pulseaudio:
> I installed pavucontrol-qt
> pavucontrol-qt has the fallback button working clearly as shown in the 
> video below.
> while pavucontrol has it cemented and bricked for all devices on as 
> default fallback devices.

Normally the fallback button should work in standard pavucontrol, are 
you sure you
do not have a modified version? Did you try pavucontrol from git?

> Here is a video that the qt version is switchable
> "http://grossmann-venter.com/issues/pulseaudio/pavucontrol-tk_fallbackswitchable-2019-02-07_18.34.42.mp4" 
> As is now if i uninstal pavucontrol and install pavucontrol-qt, then 
> sound dont work at all. How do I replace pavucontrol that comes with 
> stretch with pavucontrol-qt, which seemingly doesnt have this 
> button-bug.?
> As I mentioned before pavucontrol, cycles through all my audio out put 
> devices when playing an album from clementine.
> First Song .. through my external sound card
> 2nd song: ....through my monitor speakers.
> 3rd song .... through my Digitech RP1000 into my guitar amp . Jeeziz ! 
> that gave me a scare first time it happened.

I have no idea what is happening there, but this is definitively not a 
pulseaudio or pavucontrol
issue. Something else must cause cycling through your devices. The way 
pulseaudio works,
it remembers the sink you choose for an application, so it should keep 
on using the same sink.
If PA would go cycling through the devices, I guess we would receive 
really lots of complaints.

> This pavucontrol button mess really needs to be fixed.
> Fallback is really not a good option and this kind of automation goes 
> wrong quickly.
> #What follows is not intended to be a flame. I just see that as a 
> serious issue therefore the direct addressing and there is no other 
> way to put it.
> I would appreciate it if someone could direct me how to get 
> pavucontrol-qt installed properly as there is no sound without 
> pavucontrol.
> The fallback butto I kindly ask to be addressed. It is not pleasant 
> having your head rammed through your monitor when pavucontrol 
> automatically decides it is fallback time and decides it should now 
> switch to your marshall 100W stack.
> I mean you have this 100% volume " level, becauseĀ  you believe users 
> should not damage their ears, and I understand that, but if you want 
> ear damage for your users, then please keep the default fallback 
> option cemented on as it is in pavucontrol right now. It needs to be 
> hard removable in a config PLEASE!
> The consequences of that button-cement causes great damage. Just be 
> consistent. If you want to keep the "100%" volume limit then also 
> please remove the fallback option as it is WORSE damage to the 
> unsuspecting user.

In pavucontrol there is a volume limit of 150%. Again it seems you are 
using a modified
version. pulseaudio itself however does not have a volume limit. Using 
pactl, you can adjust
the volume to more than 150%.

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